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About Us

Phoenix Wedding Photographer – We Share Your Lifestyle!

Our couples and families share the same lifestyle….THEY ARE FOODIES. they love them some vino. Traveling is in their blood. THEY HAVE A DISTINCT PERSONAL STYLE. they will do anything for their friends. They love…love. AND THEY ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT TO SHARE THEIR LOVE STORY AND AMAZING DETAILS OF THEIR WEDDING DAY!

But our clients don’t just share these traits with each other…they share them with us =) If you are looking for a mix of romantic tradition and modern spunk, then girlfriend…you’ve met your match!

Send us a message, we’d love to hear from you! Email Jenny at

About the Studio

First came Erica, the studio’s creator and principal photographer. And then came Jenny, our spunky studio manager. And then came Briana, our amazing associate photographer. And then came…you! We are nothing without our amazing clients; and we are Erica Velasco Photographers =) A motley crew of creatives, foxy ladies and most importantly, photographers!

Erica and her team are light-hearted, goofy, and fun! What makes us different than other photographers…is mostly being exceptionally cool =)

What makes us distinct is that we customize everything for our brides and families and their unique needs. This includes our collections, albums and everything else we offer! So we have something for everyone, just give us a ring at 602-633-5359 or email Jenny at

Erica’s wedding pricing starts at $3,200.

Associate wedding pricing starts at $1,800.

About Erica, Principal Phoenix Wedding Photographer, and the Studio Owner

Hi! My name is Erica Velasco and I’m the perfect photographer for hopeless romantics, adventurous hearts and light-hearted souls that don’t take themselves too seriously. I started my love affair with film in high school and I’m still loving it.

I approach my photography just like I did in high school . . . as art. But as art in real life. I want to document your lives as you are . . . genuinely. What you love to do, eat or wear. I wants your portraits to reflect the real you. Whether you’re goofy and adventurous or stylish and creative, I will capture you in your environment.

In capturing your life, I take a step back and let you be. . . you! All the while I’ll make jokes, run into something (always happens) or quickly change locations for something ‘new’. And maybe after, we can all go out for drinks and dinner. I love to get to know you on a more personal level. Because I want you to feel ultra comfortable and trust me. And also, because I care =)

If you’re interested with working with me, call 602-633-5359 or email to set up a consultation.

About Briana, Associate Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Briana got her love for photography from her grandmother. She loved taking photos of EVERYTHING! She has albums and albums of all her grandchildren, and that makes our hearts melt =)

So photography is a way that Briana keeps memories. She treasures photos of her friends and family, and she wants to do the same for you! Capture your memories, so she and you can treasure them for a lifetime.

She’s had a pro camera in her hand since 2005, but became a pro when her brothers best friend entrusted her in their wedding photos while being 7 months pregnant! Talk about trial by fire! And since then, shes been nonstop!

From Briana, Wedding day photography was my most important expense for my own wedding. So I take my job as a high honor to be capturing the only ‘keepsake’ you get to take home with you at the end of your special day. I want to capture still moments in time that when you look at 5, 10, 15 years from now, feelings of those moments will flood back in a heartbeat.


I love the outdoors! Its hard for me to sit still long enough to watch a movie! Ive ridden horses for years and love traveling, LOVE being a momma, I take pictures of her every moments, just like my grandmother.

Meet with us!

If you’re interested with working with Erica, Jenn or Briana, call 602-633-5359 or email Jenny at to set up a consultation.

Please visit Wedding Experience or Portrait Experience on this blog for more information and pricing.

***Erica Velasco Photographers is located in Phoenix, AZ. Erica regularly travels to destination weddings in places like California : San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles; Texas and Chicago. Erica travels nationwide and internationally for destination weddings.

Phoenix, AZ: 602-633-5359
By appointment only.


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